3, 4 & 5 Year Olds

Three year olds are introduced to music, dance movement and basic motor skill & coordination development.
4's & 5's Dance     

The 4 and 5 year-old combination class will incorporate the foundation of dance movement and tap.

Introduction to ballet for the 4 and 5 year old students.

A fun and new introduction to hip-hop dancing.  Moving and grooving to all of the current music.

Basic tumbling moves & concepts.

Ages 6 & Up

Children start tap at 4 years old in the combination class.  Tap continues to develop motor skills, stresses timing, rhythm and musicality.

Beginning through advanced levels students will learn proper technique for acrobatic & tumbling moves.  This class begins with rolls, cartwheels & handstands advancing through to ariels, handsprings & more.  This class builds self esteem and confidence as our students master each skill while increasing your child’s stamina & physical strength. Our distinctive acrobatic background gives our students the exceptional edge of mastering tricks that are quite unique.

Available at the age of six, incorporates more free form movement to music.  Jazz class will cover the many forms of  jazz dance including; classical jazz, Broadway & contemporary styles once the students have mastered basic jazz technique.

Available at six years old and  based on the classical school of ballet.  Ballet classes at the intermediate and advanced levels are an hour and ½. Ballet technique is achieved in class with barre and center work.  Ballet trains the body to move through correct placements and alignments. Ballet is the basis and foundation of dance and is highly recommended for every dancer.  


Modern dance is a free, expressive style of dancing that started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. It includes elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and rhythmic sounds. Modern also uses contact improvisation and release technique to help explore the human bodies boundaries and the ways we can move around and within them. There is no wrong way to do modern dance; it is an exploration of ones self as well as applying past techniques that have influenced new movement into dance. 

Hip Hop
High energy and enthusiastic class in "street" style movements.  Everyone can try this class.  Hip-hop class will even touch on popping, locking & breaking at the more advanced levels. 

Theatre Dance

All the world is a stage.  This class is all about Broadway, on and off the stage, past and present. Dancers will learn the different styles of broadway choreography from Fosse to Tywla Tharp as well as engage in fun theatre games to enhance self confidence, character & expression development. 



The style of dance is a combination of jazz & ballet techniques.  This class bring musicality to a deeper level of expression through the dance movements. 



This class will develop flexibility and strength to execute proper techniques for all classes.  Must be at least 8 years of age and it is recommended that the dancer currently be taking ballet. 



Turns, leaps and jumps will be broken down and continually refined for best technique. 

Committed to providing the best possible training for each and every student in a fun and healthy environment. We are setting the standard by combining meticulous fundamental technique, cutting-edge innovation and a loving and nurturing approach.


Placement of students is made according to training, age, ability and effort. This guarantees the steady progress of each class. Promotion is considered on the basis of individual achievement. Classes are not necessarily promoted as groups.  We have 8 levels of ballet and 7 levels of Tap & Jazz.  We also add classes as needed.  Please check in at the desk to be sure there is space available in the class you want to take.


Please remember no outside shoes in the new dance classrooms and please do not wear your dance shoes outside.  Especially in this messy weather, we try to keep the classrooms as clean as possible.


When winter weather hits, please check our studio voicemail or for class cancellation information before heading out to class. Also check our Facebook page for updates.


Please visit for all your accessories and supplies.

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